My name is Tuomas Valtanen.

I am an illustrator, a graphic designer, a tattooer and a photographer, based in Helsinki, Finland.
I get my inspiration from art nouveau, nature and dark aesthetics.

Right now I’m working at Krunikan Leima┬áin the center of Helsinki.

In addition to that, I have a strong, 10 year experience in video productions, specialized in music videos.

My very serious hobby is photographing the street life of Helsinki. You can find my photos here.

– Bachelor of Culture & Arts (Graphic Design)
@ Metropolia University of Applied Sciences / 2013-2017

– Bachelor of Culture & Arts (specialized in videography and editing)
@ Stadia, Polytechnic of Helsinki / 2005-2007

– Further Qualification in Advertising (specialized in Visual Design)
@ Markkinointi-instituutti (Institute of Marketing, Helsinki) / 2000